The Four Main Elements of the Vocal Expression Method:

The Purpose



The purpose of the expression is discovered moment by moment. Often the intent is discovered in connection with the material: the music or words being communicated. Who the material is being offered to and the connection between the sharer and listener also plays an essential role in knowing the purpose.

The Instructor

The instructor acts as a midwife for the voice. She provides a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, but she can never know more than the vocalist’s body does. The instructor teaches, guides, and encourages the release of the voice.

The Vocalist

The vocalist is on a journey of discovery. There are known tools to be learned, and this learning will immensely aid that journey. When the vocalist devotes time, attention, and intention to the process, progress begins to arise from within.

The Body

The vocalist’s body is where the wisdom lies. The human voice is the only instrument that is unknowable, constantly changing its shape. The body intrinsically knows its fullest expression, and shares that knowledge constantly, and in ways we’re not accustomed to hearing. It is through experimenting, listening, and responding that the voice learns to flow fully.