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Dawnnisa, August 2019

Great for Building Confidence.

My teenage daughter has been asking for singing lessons for a while now and I didn't even know where to start. I decided to book lessons at 3 different places and let her pick which one she liked best. The first lesson was with Annabeth and my daughter liked her so much, she told me to go ahead and cancel the other places. I didn't get to see the details of their session together, but I could hear my daughter laughing and see the smile on her face when it was over, so that's a big win.

Dara, August 2019

I’ve been working with Annabeth for about 9 months. I am confident that Annabeth is the right music teacher for almost anyone. She is very talented and will meet you where you’re at. Originally I came to learn karaoke- our sessions have evolved into half singing and half discussing all the vulnerabilities that have come up for me while discovering my voice. She has been patient, encouraging, and honest. I have so much trust in Annabeth and am so grateful to have found her on my musical journey!

Benjamin, June 2019

Annabeth can teach anyone. I always believed I was musically hopeless. I believed I was time dead, and sounded dreadful. I always wanted to sing though, but it was a dirty little secret. I sung like it was a crime. Two weeks with Annabeth and I sing openly and loudly. I have improved more than I thought was possible. She really understands. She knows how to get at the heart of your issues, no matter how hopeless they seem. If in doubt just give her 30 minutes you won't regret it.

Patricia, May 2019

Annabeth is an amazing teacher and is so calm and reassuring. I'm a 60 year old woman who always wanted to play piano, but never took the plunge. This year I bought myself an electric piano and contacted Annabeth to get me started with lessons. I'm really feeling encouraged and empowered now. I also took some guitar and voice lessons from Annabeth in the past and she really helped me a lot. I highly recommend Annabeth without reservation!

SarahJoy, April 2019

Annabeth is an absolute genius teacher. She takes stock of who she’s working with well, and provided some of the MOST EXCELLENT ADVICE I’ve heard in years. Money and time well spent. She’s also a splendid human!!!

Suzanne, April 2019

At the beginning of 2019, I set the intention to do things that are outside my comfort zone IF they're things I believe will help me grow in beneficial ways.

Despite having grown up singing in the youth choir at church, I've always had fears around singing and sharing my voice. I guess I felt safe in a group, but not on my own. Vulnerability is skeery! 

So, I took a deep breath and scheduled a voice lesson at Annabeth Music today. Lemme just say... Annabeth is awesome! She really gets all the messy psychology and helped me stay aware of my feelings (emotional and physical) and honor them. I love that she met me right where I am and made me feel totally safe to use my voice. Looking forward to my next lesson!!

Scott, April 2019

Great vocal coaching and encouragement.

I really learned a lot from my vocal classes. She was very good at teaching me more vocal techniques that make me look at singing in a new light.

Julie, March 2019

Amazing teaching style: she's super fun, easygoing, and welcoming.

My 22-yr-old niece took beginning guitar lessons from Annabeth and said, "She made me feel welcome and super comfortable from the start. I only had two hours of lessons, but I learned more in those two hours than I have in the past couple months of trying to teach myself. She showed me what the next steps are and how to keep improving on what I already know. And she gave a lot of compliments which really helped with my confidence. Annabeth made me want to move to Austin even more!"

Colton, March 2019

She’s an A list voice teacher.

She is a very amazing and talent voice teacher that I have worked with for about a year now and the improvement I have made with her is a vast improvement with every session. I look forward to every session with her. 5 stars wish I could give her more.

Jill, Feb 2019

Another great lesson!!!

As Annabeth reviewed my video from our group’s performance she was able to identify very specific breathing issues along with exercises to help. She gave me great tips on ways to improve my ability to sing on key more consistently. And we did this lesson online with our entire group! What a great help and encouragement this was. She’s a fabulous teacher!

Matthew, Jan 2019

Starting from ground zero.

This review is for all of those soon to be artists that are just starting out. Going into the lesson I was hesitant not only because of my lack of musical knowledge, but also because it can be a very scary thing putting yourself out there for the first time. Annabeth was phenomenal in every measure. Her flexible teaching style was great and the environment she creates really helps you to feel comfortable in expressing yourself. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for quality lessons!