Rare Insights

I'm uncommon.

If you're self-motivated and you enjoy experimenting

you'll probably dig my teaching style. 

Exceptional Credentials:



I grew up in a very musical family. This is the kind of thing my mom, my aunt and I did for fun. My brother Wilson can do amazing things with a guitar or keyboard, and my cousin Emily is taking her music all over the country.




In high school I was in a band called Tune. Our fearless leader, Michael Connolly, is now the founder of Empty Sea Studios and The Roots Channel. He made the instrument he plays in this video from a shower curtain rod. He's as impressive as he is hilarious.




Sophomore voice majors at Carnegie Mellon University are required to make utter fools of themselves by writing and presenting an original show. I bet you can't guess our theme!


The Carnegie Mellon Concert Choir was the first international choir to ever perform in Trinidad, and I had the great pleasure of performing this beautiful work in all of our concerts there.


I spent seven wonderful years as the Director of Music and Art at First Congregational Church of Memphis. Creating enough art and music to fill this space was an epic adventure.




For two years I was trained in conducting by The New York Philharmonic's Michael Gilbert, father of Alan Gilbert.


Mahler's 4th Symphony 2nd Movement at the Germantown Performing Arts Center.




I went to grad school at the University of Memphis. Apparently I decided that my Master's Recital was the perfect time to try out my Adele costume.




I moved to Austin to live the dream, and I was right. This is what work looks like. Fun fact: Shakey Graves was the first live musician I saw after moving to Austin.