Free Your Voice


Free Your Voice


Friday July 5 7:30-9:30pm

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This Alan Watts recording is the primary inspiration for this event:

Last week, for the first time in my 14 years of teaching voice, a student asked for exactly what Alan Watts describes in this video, and we tried it during his lesson. I was stunned by the impact it had on me. It felt like a meditation where I had a cheat code straight into myself. It felt like ecstatic dance for my vocal expression. It felt healing and re-integrating. I want to do it again with a larger group. Join me on this grand experiment

Limit 10 attendees



30 min: info about how the vocal instrument works, basic exercises, answer questions

1.5hours: free skate.

Recommended explorations:

  • The most core caveman sound of my internal world

  • Silence, listening, feeling the physical/emotional resonance/dissonance with the sounds happening

  • Feeling trapped and sounds wanting to come out but being stuck inside

  • Letting out “sounds I’m not supposed to make”

  • Musical/harmonic interplay- solo and interactive improv

  • Saying yes to my no’s

  • Including ambient noise/ other sounds

  • Avoid words and language. Nonsense syllables are totally welcome. See what it’s like to vocally express without speech/language.

Body sounds only. There are instruments in the room but I don’t want to include them in this experiment.

There are no volume restrictions in the space. If you are sensitive to loud noises please bring and wear noise-reducing earplugs

There will be low light. For the most part I recommend a sitting or laying meditation posture. Movement is totally cool but will be limited by the size of the space and equipment