Annabeth has been teaching high quality one-on-one music lessons since 2004.

She earned a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Carnegie Mellon University and also holds a Master of Music in Vocal Performance. She has been a Music Director, been in gigging bands, and performed solos internationally. Annabeth is an expert reviewer for singing at WikiHow and is a certified facilitator of a mindfulness practice.

Teaching Theories

We don't need music, yet music has existed in every culture in the history of our species.

Creative expression is on the highest rung of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

We don't need music to survive. We need it to thrive.


Create Your Own Value

In my early years as a teacher I believed it was my job to cram every lesson as full of information as possible. I thought that was value. But now I think of myself as similar to the internet: You could spend a lot of time and money with me and end up with nothing to show for it, or you could show up with ideas and questions and curiosities and I'll take you as far down those paths as you like. That's how real progress happens.


Bring It

My studio is not a space for correct answers and proper behavior. I promise to bring my authenticity to the table, and I invite you to bring yours. When I say "How are you?" you're welcome to give me the real answer. Our bodies are the instruments of music, and we can only truly express what's really going on inside us at that moment.


My Idea of Discipline

I used to think discipline meant consistently doing things you didn't want to do because you should do them. Predictable misery, basically. I've adopted a new definition in my mind: discipline happens naturally when you choose to be a disciple of your passion. If music is your passion and you choose to pursue that love for music, you will follow where it leads you. You will practice as naturally as you smile at a friend. You will put the work in because it won't feel like work. It will feel like an adventure.